Relationship between Leptin and Insulin‐like Growth Factor‐1  in Children and Adolescent with Growth Hormone Deficiency

  • Noor Thair Tahir National Diabetic Center/ AL-Mustansiriya University,
  • Hind Shakir Ahmed Department of Chemistry, College of Education for Pure Science/ University of Baghdad


Background:  Growth  hormone  deficiency  (GHD)  is  suspected  in  subjects with short stature (SS) and reduced growth velocity in whom  other causes of poor growth have been excluded. Insulin‐like growth  factor‐1  (IGF‐1)  measurements  are  relatively  newer  methods  for  evaluating GHD or GH adequacy.                                                    Objective: To study the relation between levels of leptin and IGF‐1 in the  children and adolescents in whom GHD was found.                        Patients and Methods: This study was conducted during the period  from  June  2013  until  the  end  of  March  2014.  The  patients  were  attending to the National Diabetic Center/ AL‐Mustansiriya University.  Serum IGF‐1 and leptin were measured in children and adolescent with  GHD; 56 children with GHD were participated in this study their age  range was (5‐17) years, they were compared with 30 healthy children as  control group.                                                                                                        Results:  Means BMI and basal serum levels of GH and IGF‐1 were significantly  decreased in children and adolescent with GHD when compared with  the control group. There was a significant decrease in serum level of  IGF‐1 in boys with GHD as compared to girls with GHD, while there was  no significant difference in basal GH and leptin between boys and girls  with GHD. A significant negative correlation was found between leptin  versus BMI and IGF‐1 in both gender groups, while a significant positive  correlation was found between serum IGF‐1 versus BMI and GH in  children with GHD.  Conclusions: The present results are consistent with the hypothesis  that leptin could contribute to the regulation of GH secretion and IGF‐1  concentrations. 

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